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Green Contract

The procedure for obtaining a "Certificate of ownership of real property" ("Green Contract")
The procedure for obtaining a "Certificate of ownership of real property" is defined by the Law of Egypt №114 of 1964 (the Act entering into private ownership of real estate). This document defines the procedure for obtaining this Evidence its form and content, and also indicates the jurisdiction approval.
For owners of the Egyptian real estate who are citizens of foreign countries, especially the procedure specified in the following legal documents:
- Law №230 (1996), "On the rights of foreign citizens to purchase real estate in the territory of Egypt";
- Decree of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers № 548 from 2005. "The procedure for acquiring real estate and obtaining residence permits for foreign citizens (not Egyptians)";
- The decision of the Minister of Tourism of Egypt number 113 of 1981 - for facilities in Hurghada ("Al-Gardaa");
- The decision of the Minister of Tourism of Egypt №175 1982 - for facilities in the Red Sea governorate ("Al Bahr Al Ahmar");
- The decision of the Minister of Tourism of Egypt №105 of 1986 objects on the Mediterranean coast ("Al-Bahr al-Abyad").
Necessary conditions for obtaining a "Certificate of ownership of real property" ("Green Contract"):
Firstly, the land on which the building was constructed – building with apartment or villa must be registered with the owner in government, that is to have corresponding certificate property right to real property - which is land.
Second, the construction of the project should be completed, and the object must pass the state acceptance of a technical supervision authority.
Owner of the real estate for registration "Evidence of ownership of real property" must prepare originals and copies of the following documents:
- Datasheet on the property. You can take it in the Department of Technical Supervision in the City Council of Hurghada (Maglis Madina). You are applying in the department, the staff of the department takes measurements of premises, buildings, walls, etc., constitute the real scheme of the property, verify compliance with the technical standards and rules of construction. On the basis of the case and issued a technical passport of the property. Cost is determined by state tariffs;
- Contract of sale and purchase of the property, which already registered in the court. Registration is carried out in the Municipal Court of Hurghada;
- Taukil (General Power of Attorney for the right to ownership of object property) from the Seller, as well as all Taukils entire chain of sales, if there were a few. Notary Office of Hurghada;
- Tax return and a certificate from the tax authorities of tax accounting and commercial value of the property - Internal Revenue Service Hurghada, through a lawyer;
- Contract with the electricity company and the city water - not required, but will not be superfluous, since it is further confirmation of ownership of the property;
- The power of attorney of the owner of the property, issued to the lawyer for the right to represent him in government oversight and registration.
- Copy of valid passport.
Once the documents have been collected, they must be mailed by registered letter with notification to the Ministry of Justice, Division of property registration of foreign citizens. In a registered letter except notarized copies of documents, necessary to enclose a cover letter and a list of documents. This procedure is best done through a lawyer or a law office because all documents are in Arabic.
The Ministry of Justice sent documents should pass the process of adjustment (confirmation) in various interested and regulatory agencies (seven instances). The procedure for obtaining "Certificate" is not strictly regulated, can take from several months to a year.
The cost of the procedure for obtaining "certificates of ownership of real property" (Green-contract) consists of the sum the cost of registration fees plus the cost of a lawyer.
To save time and effort for a reasonable fee, you can hire a lawyer to carry out registration procedures for obtaining "certificates of ownership of real property" (Green-contract).
You can use the services of lawyers and lawyers of the company M & M Group.
Reference: Certificate of ownership of real property in the everyday lexicon became known as "green contract" due to the fact that on the evidence of coordination are printing from various departments, mostly green.

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