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Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh is a magic eastern town on the Egyptian Red Sea coast.

A town of Eastern tales Scherazade, a town of a children’s dream is what comes to mind for many people who  sees  Sahl Hasheesh for the first time.

After a short way from Hurghada airport on a highway in the desert appear huge pillars symbolizing the gate in this wonderful town. These columns are an exact copy of the columns in the famous Kamak temple the ancient Egyptian  God Amon-Ra.

Along the road which has ten thousands of  specially palm trees the  statues of pharaohs of ancient Egypt are standing .From the gates the town is not still visible, we can see only the road leading to the sea.

Fairy town appears suddenly like a Mirage before the eyes of a traveler in the desert. It seams that fabulous town hovers above the sea, palaces and buildings of elegant architecture are like opening flower buds.

The enormous project is implemented  by the famous British architect Norman Foster. This outstanding master recognized as a founder of the modern high-tech style built the  famous airports, bridges,  skyscrapers, building in London, New-York, Singapore, Moscow and Hong Kong. In this architectural project in Sahl Hasheesh he walked away from  his main  architectural direction and implemented Oriental tale of Scheherazada, embodied in the Eastern domes of building, complexes, arched porticoes and magic  colored fountains.

Sahl Hasheesh  is a prestigious international ecological resort on the sandy shore of  the Red Sea, fairytale reality visited us. The resort has been developing recently since 2003 when the work on the construction of  hotels CEP Citadel(today the Citadel Azur resort) and the Pyramid started. The resort is not far from Hurghada and its isolation from highways attracts tourists  and property buyers ,lovers of peace and quiet life, great service, lovely sea views, beautiful landscape, Oriental and European architecture. There are only five-star hotels which are comfortable for living and  well-maintained residential complexes.

Sahl Hasheesh is different from Hurghada in developing of the coast. Along the sea there is a public embankment. From all the windows of any apartment you can have the view on the sea, the view of piercing blue sea which shimmers in areas where pristine coral reefs. Here every day you can watch the luxurious picture of the morning sunrise and the evening sunset when the sea and the edge of the sky is painted in amazing color palette of natural colors.

Sahl Hasheesh is a unique nature place which is  unique in ecology too. Under the construction is given only 14% of the total area, the rest area are the Golf courses and natural parks. The builders of this tourist centre will have to do a lot. But everything done delights and amazes the imagination. They have already opened more than 10 hotels. The most famous are the Pyramid, OldPalace ,the Citadel Azur, Ocean Breeze, Tropical Resort, Oberoi.

In Sahl Hasheesh are built multifunctional residential complexes. The owners of the apartments ,flats and villas mostly the foreigners from Europe and Russia.

For life and leisure  property  owners have everything they need: sandy beaches, bike paths, tennis courts, Golf courses, clubs for diving, surfing, sport clubs ,massage parlors, swimming pools, shops, restaurants and cafes. There  is a favorite place for walk  with color fountains in the centre of the town. From a pantoon berth which is 250 m long you can see the sunken city of pharaohs where you can have classes in diving and snorkeling.

Foreigners can buy  luxury property on the territory of the hotels(deluxe, junior suites, standard) and also in well-appointed multifunctional housing estate(apartments, private villas, town houses).

The most attractive for purchase of real estate are the residential complexes: Paradise Garden, Sunset Pearl, Azurra, Ocean Breeze, OldTown. In the residential complexes foreigners are willing to buy villas, apartments and small flats. The range of apartments is wide enough and you can buy an apartment with one ,two, three or four bedrooms.

Apartments and flats are equipped with large comfortable balconies and terraces. On the roofs of many houses are pergalas which are pavilions for evening rest and enjoying the sea villas of this wonderful tourist resort of Egypt on the Red Sea  coast. Sahl Hasheesh is an ideal town for living and rest of wealthy people.