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El Gouna

Egyptian Venice, a fairytale town in the desert, the town of rich people,  is not the full list of epithets that  are granted to this amazing town.

El Gouna is a small private town which was built at the expense of the main  shareholders of the Egyptian  mobile company Mobinil on  numerous investments of foreign companies, banks and individuals

This town is different radically from other resorts of Egypt. The sheikhs from Saudi Arabia began to copy the construction of resort areas on the Arabian coast of the Red Sea. The town is so beautiful and unique. El Gouna is the home to 33% of Egyptians, more than 56% of Englishmen, Germans, Italians, Frenchmen who are owners of villas, mansions luxury apartments. Such composition of population of the town has developed for one simple reason-the high prices for villas and mansions, apartments in a luxurious residential complexes. Not all the Egyptians can afford to live here in this town which has its own police, excellent service of cleaning, landscaping and maintenance, the town with the special infrastructure and ecology.

The difference of prices for real estate in El Gouna  from neighbouring property markets is due to the  confidential nature of the town, large attachments  in the particular infrastructure of the town. In El Gouna you can move not only on high quality roads ,but also by boat or by yacht. Many of artificial channels and  natural bays, white  super-modern yacht , luxurious Golf-courses, excellent hotels and restaurants ,comfortable villas and mansions, expensive boutiques and European supermarkets are a business card of modern El Gouna. To all this we can add the traditional hospitality of the Egyptians, their smiles and readiness to help, kindness and  courtesy, full guaranteed safety and confidentiality of rest.

The price interval on the Egyptian elite real estate in El Gouna is wide enough: the villa can be purchased from 450 thousand to 1,5-2 million dollars.The price of the apartments for sale in El Gouna starts from  100,000 dollars(the price can be specified on the site).To buy the real estate in El Gouna is not so difficult as in other luxury and  budget tourist resorts of Egypt.

Buying the real estate in El Gouna became for many foreigners and the natives of Egypt as great investment in their health, the future of their families and their grandchildren. Everything has been designed for year-round luxury private holiday by the sea, away from the cameras of journalists and annoying creditors, business partners and colleagues, the urban bustle ,traffic jam and rush. El Gouna is a town of unhurried rhythm, relaxation and privacy.

The town has the best international school, where training takes place at the American school programs, only in  English by the professors from the USA and Great Britain. There is one of the best medical centre equipped to the highest international standards in El Gouna. In the town there are several large bays equipped with berth for ocean class yachts. Tourists can also  visit El Gouna. They have more than 20 comfortable hotels .The  price is higher than  in Hurghada hotels. The most expensive hotels have their own Golf courses, yachts for sea trips and sea fishing, excellent fast Internet .Public beaches with excellent service and magnificent sea views are equipped.

El Gouna is a town where millionaires and celebrities love to relax, the international exhibitions of artists, performances of musical ensembles of various genres are held.

You can arrive to El Gouna by plane to Hurghada airport and take the limousine taxi to the place(just 23 km North from Hurghada),fly by your private plane and land in a private airport of El Gouna, go in the  water area on your own yacht or drive from Cairo