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Hurghada  is not only famous international tourist resort in Egypt on the Red Sea coast with a lot of hotels, beaches, restaurants, night clubs and sea sport centers.

During the last decade Hurghada became popular among buyers of holiday homes from different European countries ,Russia and other countries of the UIS(The Union of Independent States).

  • Low cost of housing.
  • Building boom in Hurghada in recent 15 years
  • The developed infrastructure of leisure, sports and life
  • The loyal attitude to foreigners property owners

    Great selection of real estate object that satisfies a broad consumer demand cost, quality of life, environmental infrastructure, location: small studio apartments, luxury apartments; flats, apartments and villas in luxurious complexes with the developed infrastructure of leisure and living; separate farmsteads, the doubled villas.

    Simplified order of purchase of the real estate in Egypt for foreign citizens. Practically you can buy  a real estate on the sea coast and move into your new flat during one day.

    Different foreign Diasporas the owners of estate live in Hurghada:  Germans  , Russians, the English, the Irish, Italians, the French, the Polish, the Czechs, Slovaks and others. A lot of foreigners having real estate in Hurghada rest from their noisy towns and cities and live in this splendid resort all year round; they go in for sports, improve their health. Some foreigners rest in their flats, apartments and villas in winter time ,when in their native countries the weather is changeable ,cool  and cold. There is a great opportunity for rest on the beaches, swimming, going into water kinds of sports: kiting, wind surfing, snorkeling, in every season.

    For foreign owners in Hurghada there is no problems with healthy food, living, connection with the whole world and communication with compatriots.

    They have in Hurghada many shops, super markets,   restaurants with European cuisine for different tastes .There are a lot of sports halls, sports clubs ,diving centers , yacht-clubs, fishing  companies ,courts for golf and tennis. We have everything which is habitual and necessary  for a modern person.  There will not be problems for young families  with their children. Every child can visit a kinder garden or a Russian school. And being in international environment a child can speak English or Arab in two or three months. In Hurghada you can get consular support and help of your compatriots in different life situations. Using the satellite television one can watch all favorite TV channels. There is excellent cheap cell (cellular) communication and the mobile Internet which is supported by world famous companies such as Vodafone(Great Britain) and Etisalat.