Contract of Sale & Purchase Egyptian Real Estate

"The contract of sale and purchase of commercial or residential real estate in Egypt"
One of the main documents at real estate purchase for foreigners in Egypt, in addition to the General Power of Attorney (Taukil) is a contract (agreement) the purchase and sale of real estate.
For buyers from foreign countries this document is made in two languages:  - Arabic and English, Arabic, German, etc.
The form of the contract of sale and purchase has free form. In a contract can be made any points agreed by the parties, if they do not conflict with Egyptian law governing the procedure for transactions with Egyptian real estate for foreign citizens and guarantee the integrity of their property. The identity of the translation of the contract and its compliance with Egyptian law must be certified by a translator (signature) and lawyers (personal seal).
The contract must indicate the object of the transaction, its actual address, the characteristics (for the apartment - the number of apartments, floor area, number of bedrooms, bathrooms), the state of decoration and others questions about the agreement of the parties.
Besides, the contract specifies the actual amount of the transaction in the currency or Egyptian pounds. Also indicate the personal data of the seller and buyer of real estate, their rights and responsibilities.
Contract of sale and purchase of real estate after its registration procedure before the Court is the official document that provides a record of the electricity in the electric company, apply for granting a residence visa, with visa you can buy a car, a boat, and take the next step of registering property - getting a green contract (Certificate of state registration of ownership of properties on the territory of Egypt).
The contract of sale and purchase of real estate, passed court registration, is the basic document that may be required to challenge the relatives of the seller or third parties (banks, creditors) rights to the property that you bought.
The signature of the seller and the buyer put to the contract of sale and purchase (at the bottom of each page and at the end of the document), are sufficient proof of the transfer (receipt) entire amount stated in the contract of sale and purchase from hands Buyer to Seller.
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