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Modern Egypt - a Country of Vast Opportunities

It is clear that many potential buyers overseas resort real estate have become wary of buying apartments, villas and mansions in Egypt. The real estate market in Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna has responded to the decline in demand, property prices have dropped significantly and became one of the acceptable than in Turkey, Greece, Spain and Montenegro - traditional countries where foreigners are buying overseas property. This is the first basis for considering the possibility of buying in this country. This is the first basis for considering the possibility of buying in this country. The second point, which should take into account the buyers - in Egypt situation has stabilized, the country is on the rise of a large economic recovery. While property prices have not started to reverse the upward movement, the most effective time to buy apartments, villas, house or estate.
There is no doubt that the new Egyptian authorities managed to stabilize the economic situation in the country. Comprehensive creation of conditions for the development of key economic sectors, which are the main sources of foreign exchange reserves.
 The new power in the face of President Fattah al-Sisi received strong support among the majority population. President rating exceeded rating Hosni Mubarak.
 The actions of the new government in Egypt received a high international assessment, restored the credibility and reliability of Egypt as a profitable and stable partner in the implementation of large international projects, as evidenced by the high growth of foreign investment in the country's economy.
The decline in world petroleum prices is beneficial to the economy of Egypt, will provide significant savings on purchases petroleum and gas and reallocate these funds to other important sectors of the economy, including social spending to support the poor.
On the background positive dynamics of formation and trends of sustainable growth of the Egyptian economy, democratization and stability situation in the country, effective security measures, especially in the areas of international tourism, purchase of overseas property in Egypt becomes the best investment, savings and multiplying financial resources, as well as providing conditions for improving the quality of life of their families and be able year-round beach holiday at sea, as well as for doing business.
One of the most effective options for purchasing luxury resort real estate in Egypt is the purchase of apartments, penthouses and villas under construction and finished residential complexes, construction of which is carried out by authoritative and reliable Egyptian and foreign companies operating in the construction market in the region for more than 15 years.
Buying a property in the construction of residential complexes in Hurghada has several advantages:
- You can choose to pay the purchase in installments from 1 year to 3 years;
- There is a possibility for individual layout apartments in consultation with designers and developers, combining two apartments into luxury apartments, including duplex;
- After delivery residential complex, apartments can be sold at a higher price - ready housing in conjunction with a well-maintained infrastructure, swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds for children and sports facilities have special high demand among buyers.
Guarantee of buying property in construction of residential complex provides both content terms of the contract of sale, and insurance transactions. We offer our customers of real estate only the most reputable and reliable developers who have extensive experience in the construction market and reputation.

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